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  • Welcome to Guangzhou Yuanchang Plastic Pump Co. Ltd website!

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    Guangzhou Yuanchang Plastic Pump Co. Ltd

    Tel: 0757-86636670

    Contact: Miss Yang

    Mobile: 13068609852

    Email: 50079819@qq.com

    Contact: Miss Jiang

    Mobile: 18138725281

    Email: 2657044236@qq.com

    Address: Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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    Yuanchang Plastic Pump5Advantage

    Strength Business

    1Rich experience in production

    Has many years of rich experience in production, shipping fast, because the automation of equipment, production capacity, fast shipping. There is no other factory in the market can be achieved in accordance with customer requirements can also be so fast.

    2Strict control quality

    The pump head Yuanchang production have product assembly workshop, professional quality control department of the products made of control. Strong quality control department to ensure quality.

    5Professional after-sales system

    Pre service professional, responsible for after-sales service, so that customers can buy at ease, comfortable with;

    One-stop production to sales, to avoid the docking is not in place product communication and details;

    Price advantage: puerile, long-term cooperation is our goal;

    Prompt delivery; quick shipment; quick response;


    3Automatic production equipment

    The company has a complete automated production equipment, reasonable prices, the price is reasonable, the scale of production production in everything in good order and well arranged have a certain scale, and in the early industrial development, and mass production is a bit different.

    4Introduce advanced technology

    Many types of products, the introduction of advanced production equipment innovation, and strive to the leading enterprises in the country.

    Products involved in a wide range of industries, the company set production, research and development, sales as one, one-stop solution to your problem!


    Guangzhou Yuanchang Plastic Pump Co.,Ltd.
    Guangzhou Yuanchang plastic products Co., Ltd., from 23 years of experience in the production of cosmetics, cosmetics in the production, use, and various needs in the process of transportation, manufacturing and create different requirements with a single package material factory, all from the reality, because you always try, so the most reasonable. Our service tenet: your request...
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    The design of the packaging bottle of cosmetics is always in the innovation, from the beginning of the plastic cover, squeeze the lid to the final spray pump, each time is to better store cosmetics, convenient for people to use. So today we mainly understand the advantages of cosmetic spray pump whe... [Details]

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    Hose cover is a wide range of use, then the common in our daily life, there are many kinds of hose cover it? Let's share the types and uses of the hose cover. [Details]


    Guangzhou Yuanchang Plastic Pump Co. Ltd
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    Contact: Miss Yang Mobile: 13068609852
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    MIIT record number:粵ICP備13067777號  Address: Baiyun District, Guangzhou
    Miss Yang

    Miss Jiang
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